DIY Deconstructed Book Bundles

I love this look from Restoration Hardware; these deconstructed books look soft and structured at the same time. And the best part? These book bundles can fit anywhere in your house. They can be stacked in an old fireplace, laid in a wicker or metal basket or piled high on any side table or trunk.

Over the weekend, I decided to make a few my self to bring a little vintage vibe to my bedroom. It was so simple to make (and cheap!0. You only need two things:

  • Old soft cover books – I grabbed some of my old novels and some college reading material which I can’t believe I was still holding on to! You could also pick up some old books [the older looking the better!] at a half priced book store.
  • Twine – I picked up some jute twine at the grocery but you can use any type white or brown

I used six books. Three were about the same size and the other three were slightly different sizes to make two unique-looking bundles.

I pulled off the front and back covers from each book leaving the binding exposed [but the book still in tact]. I also flipped through the first couple of pages at the front of the book so I could have a blank page exposed at the top. I noticed that some of the newer books didn’t have a blank page at the beginning so I tore out some of the “uglier” pages and left the first chapter page on top. I kind of like it that way… the book is just left open on the first chapter waiting for someone to flip through it again.

Stack our books you want to bundle. Mine were in stacks of three but you can stack as many as you want depending on their thickness. Starting at the bottom of the stack, I wrapped the jute twine around the books horizontally, twisted it in the middle [at the top of the stack of books] and wrapped around the books again vertically so you are back to the bottom. I looped the jute twine under the bottom thread and tied a knot. Then, I simply made sure the twine was tight and the books were secure and cut off any excess jute.

There you have it: your deconstructed bundle of books that only cost you a fraction of the price tag at Restoration Hardware!