Anti-vase flower vase

There’s almost nothing better than decorating my home with flowers – especially when we are entertaining. I love using colorful seasonal flowers (like beautiful peonies that are in season right now!) and soon enough I’ll have my own little garden to grow my favorites for the freshest picked varieties!

For dining table centerpieces I adhere to the rule of keeping flowers either lower than eye level or above 18 inches, but every once in a while, I want to mix it up.

I recently saw an eggshell vase similar to below and it inspired me to compile a go-to list of other unique flower “vases.” I mean how cute is the eggshell centerpeice for brunch?

Some of my other favorites:

 Antique mason jars = my favorite

In a chalice/ glass with dirt

Love using wine/ glass olive oil bottles

 Pitchers are also one of my favs. This one is from an earlier post

 Flowers displayed in a simple tin!

What’s your go-to anti-vase?


Currently Loving: Vintage Coffee Mug Trees

I first saw one of these antique designs when I was at my mother-in-law’s home. It was perfectly proportioned and placed: sitting next to the breakfast table, an arm’s length away from the sink. Hers is very similar to this:

Vintage, $494

I just think it adds so much character to a home and to one of my favorite times of any day: relaxing early in the morning and enjoying a great cup of joe. If you don’t have the space, I found this cute version on Etsy:

Etsy, $14

One Kings Lane- SALE

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Bright and Beautiful Kantha throws


Arabella Storage Ottoman, Slate


Petals Mirror

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