On the Fringe with a Vintage Robe

How fun is this look from Thats Chic? It was taken in San Francisco and it just has that kind of bay area look to it. I really like the mix of a dressy fringe “coat” with the casual tee and skirt – plus the chunky belt. I’m pretty sure my grandmother might have one of these exact robe/sweaters in her closet. Hmmm I might need to borrow and experiment!

I would probably mix in a pair of big fun earrings and slouchy leather boots!


Pitcher Perfect

I get so excited when tulips are in season. It means more sunshine and spring just around the corner! And, don’t you love doing something a little different for your centerpieces? I can’t wait to pack this same pitcher full of fresh lemons and limes for a fun brunch!

Hitting the town in Austin

I’m headed to Austin this weekend for SXSWi so have been super busy prepping and packing. Unfortunately, I will be attending back to back panels and won’t be able to relax and fully enjoy the city and some of my favorite spots like UchiManuels, The Belmont and of course, the Driskell Hotel. If I could I would be trying to purchase and pack a few of these fun pieces!

On the town


Spring Reading List

Reading is somewhere on my top 10 favorite things to do with my time when its the weekend/ when I am on a vacation but, I have to admit, flipping through picture-filled pages of a pretty book or magazine might be higher. And let me tell you: a fabulous coffee table book collection is wonderful until it comes moving time; they are SO heavy!!

But, that doesn’t keep me from lusting for more! Below are some new books that have recently caught my eye.

The Sartorialist II, Scott Schuman

I was so excited when Scott Schuman’s first book came out that I ran to the first local book signing and snagged a seat at his Q&A forum with a fashion editor. I love the chance to hear straight from an author about their inspirations, trials and favorite parts of putting a book together. It just makes the book so much more personal.

The Sartorialist was pretty successful and since Scott’s fame and following has only grown, I imagine I am not the only one waiting to see what the second volume includes. Word on the street says it won’t be out until September but we can anticipate the best of his street-style photography and tons of exclusives not released on the blog!

Paris versus New York, Vahram Muratyan

A completely new take, but nonetheless still a tale of two cities, except this time its from the perspective of an art director/ graphic designer. I love both cities so much that I can respect the fact that this book promises to be ‘friendly’.

By Invitation Only, Alexis Maybank and Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

Who doesn’t love Gilt Groupe? Years ago when I worked for a fashion publication, these women and their “online sample sales” came up in many editorial meetings as the next big thing. Now with more segments and markets than I care to count [Gilt City, Jetsetter, Taste, etc.] and new imitators popping up weekly, they have certainly proved that they are in it for the long game. Their book promises to share “straight talk” on how the women followed their passions and created a start-up with a behind the scenes look at the fashion industry. Kind of a mix of business and pleasure!

You can pre-order the book now but you will have to wait until April!

Diana Vreeland The Eye Has to Travel, Lisa Immordino Vreeland

I’m not sure how much this book weighs [maybe they should start listing that in the book descriptions?], but I’m sure its worth it. The book chronicles 50 years of this iconic fashion editor’s lavish life and international style. It promises tons of photos, original fashion magazine spreads and a glimpse into this visionary’s sense of fashion.

“The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it.”

-Diana Vreeland

DIY Deconstructed Book Bundles

I love this look from Restoration Hardware; these deconstructed books look soft and structured at the same time. And the best part? These book bundles can fit anywhere in your house. They can be stacked in an old fireplace, laid in a wicker or metal basket or piled high on any side table or trunk.

Over the weekend, I decided to make a few my self to bring a little vintage vibe to my bedroom. It was so simple to make (and cheap!0. You only need two things:

  • Old soft cover books – I grabbed some of my old novels and some college reading material which I can’t believe I was still holding on to! You could also pick up some old books [the older looking the better!] at a half priced book store.
  • Twine – I picked up some jute twine at the grocery but you can use any type white or brown

I used six books. Three were about the same size and the other three were slightly different sizes to make two unique-looking bundles.

I pulled off the front and back covers from each book leaving the binding exposed [but the book still in tact]. I also flipped through the first couple of pages at the front of the book so I could have a blank page exposed at the top. I noticed that some of the newer books didn’t have a blank page at the beginning so I tore out some of the “uglier” pages and left the first chapter page on top. I kind of like it that way… the book is just left open on the first chapter waiting for someone to flip through it again.

Stack our books you want to bundle. Mine were in stacks of three but you can stack as many as you want depending on their thickness. Starting at the bottom of the stack, I wrapped the jute twine around the books horizontally, twisted it in the middle [at the top of the stack of books] and wrapped around the books again vertically so you are back to the bottom. I looped the jute twine under the bottom thread and tied a knot. Then, I simply made sure the twine was tight and the books were secure and cut off any excess jute.

There you have it: your deconstructed bundle of books that only cost you a fraction of the price tag at Restoration Hardware!

Cinnamon Banana French Toast

There is nothing I look forward to more than a relaxing weekend brunch. Anything from a great mimosa on a patio to a fabulous French bistro or a quaint country diner works great for me! And, I love having friends over for brunch and cooking at home.

One of my favorite brunch meals is french toast. There is just something about the all-in-one classic breakfast meal that I crave. It could be topped with berries, smothered in creme fraiche or one of my personal favorites, served with gooey bananas and cinnamon.

I love serving my cinnamon banana french toast with a side of fresh blueberries and strawberries, some scrambled eggs and a giant cup of strong coffee!


  • 4 slices of airy, eggy bread (I use the light honey whole wheat kind from the grocery but brioche or challah is soo delicious too!)
  • 6 eggs (usually 4 full eggs and 2 egg whites)
  • 1/2 tbs butter
  • a splash of milk ( I use unsweetened almond milk but you can also use soy or 2 percent- even half and half)
  • 1/2 tbs vanilla
  • dash of cinnamon (for egg mixture)
  • 1/2 tbs cinnamon (for banana topping)
  • one banana (not too ripe)

French Toast directions:

  • Mix the eggs, milk, vanilla and cinnamon together in a mixing bowl
  • Melt the butter on a nonstick pan over medium heat
  • Pour the egg mixture in a shallow square dish and one at a time dip the bread into the mixture allowing each side to soak for 30 seconds.
  • Once the butter is melted and the pan is ready (I usually sprinkle a little water on the pan and if it “dances” off the pan, its ready!), place the french toast on the pan making sure each slice is placed on the heated flat part of the pan. I use a square griddle pan like this one but you can also use a wide sautee pan.
  • Cook the toast until golden on each side, approximately 3 minutes per side. I usually peek under the toast with a spatula to make sure it is ready to flip. If needed, adjust the stove top temperature so the bread is cooking consistently and not too fast.
  • As the toast is ready, transfer it to a paper towel over a plate. I usually place a paper towel between each layer of toast so they don’t get soggy.

Cinnamon banana

  • Slice the banana in half then length wise so you have approximately six thin banana slices
  • Place the banana slices across a plate and sprinkle them with the cinnamon on both sides
  • Microwave the bananas for approximately 45 seconds to 1 minute or until the bananas are soft and pliable.

To Serve:

Top one piece of toast with 3 slices of banana and place the second slice of toast on top, so the delicious ooey banana is sandwiched in between the hot toast. Guests love to add some powdered sugar or butter on on top to sweeten it up! I love eating mine with pure maple syrup or agave nectar! MMMM delicious!

Down by the Bay

The past weekend I had such a blast down at the bay near Galveston, Texas. The weather was perfect, food was amazing and had a great time with family! I’m daydreaming about the next time I can get down there and of course, what I will wear to go for a boat ride and walk along the beach.

Down by the bay

McQ by Alexander McQueen knit top, $104
MOTHER denim skinny jeans, $147
Tory Burch strap sandals, $225
J Crew straw handbag, $45
Emilio Pucci brass jewelry, $595
Love Quotes Scarves linen shawl, $95
House of Harlow 1960 round frame sunglasses, $115
Essie – Mint Candy Apple